7 Great Posts to Help You Clean and Declutter Your Home



I’m going to be on the radio today with Jennifer Fulwiler talking about decluttering and I decided to gather some of my most popular articles from Houzz.

Decluttering can such a source of stress/worry/despair for so many. And yet, if your home isn’t in the exact condition you want—so that’s most of us—getting rid of superfluous stuff is the best place to begin. It can be hard to get started, but it becomes easier and easier as you get going. When we get rid of the things we don’t love and need, keeping the house clean becomes so much simpler. Remember, the process is secondary to your commitment to it. Don’t get hung up on exactly the right way to declutter. Give yourself time and grace, and what can’t you do?

A Fine Mess: How to Have a Clean-Enough Home Over Summer Break

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Declutter — Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

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Get Organized: Are You a Filer or a Piler?

Got a Disastrously Messy Area? Try Triage

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